Helping you save money and access renewable energy. Simple.

Oh, and you’ll get solar and battery technology without any upfront costs.

Easy installation. Worry free maintenance.

No hidden fees, no hidden costs, no maintenance fees.
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Forget everything you know about how you get and pay for your energy.

You'RE Welcome.

Radian Energy is easy

Zero Cost Install

Radian installs a solar (with or without battery) system under a fixed term power purchase agreement (PPA).

Sit back and relax

Radian manages the metering and energy retail components for you.


You receive a single bill for the energy used, which will come from the mix of solar generated and retail energy consumed.


At the end of our PPA with you, you get the solar system with zero additional cost. It is up to you whether you keep using us for the rest of your energy needs (we hope you do!)


See an immediate reduction of at least 10% to your electricity usage costs

$0 Up-front Costs

You'll get installation of a tailored solar system (usually with battery storage) without any up-front costs

Long Term Savings

After seven years, you'll have complete ownership of the system free of charge and you'll see a 70% bill reduction

Safe Installation

You'll get a reliable solar system installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers using accredited products


You'll be able to manage your own electricity usage timing and optimise the costs, all with click of a button


No volatility or electrical use charges as your electricity usage tariff will be frozen at the same level for seven years


You’ll see a reduction of your carbon footprint between 12 and 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. That’s the equivalent of taking more than 3 standards cars off the road for a year! Good on you!

Worry Free

The system will be maintained by Radian during the length of your PPA. Our systems comes with the usual manufacturer and installer warranties, giving you peace of mind well beyond the term of the PPA


As our product combines both solar, storage and retail energy for you, you’ll have the best chance of enjoying an uninterrupted supply of energy


Radian only installs quality solar panels with 25-year performance warranties. We absorb all the risk relating to generation output, giving you peace of mind on costs. We also maintain the system for you.


upfront fee for solar + battery technology

+ %

in savings achieved by year 7 of PPA

+ tonnes

of CO2 emissions reductions per household per year


unhappy customers

Simple and transparent billing

Sunshine is not subject to inflation and neither are our prices. You will know before day one what your costs will be for the entire term of the agreement. Our simple billing structure and access to your real time energy production and consumption will give you complete oversight of where your energy is coming from, your usage patterns, and how much you are paying for it.

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