About Us
We’re on a mission to help every home and business enjoy the benefits of renewable energy.
Sydney beach from above
Our Story
When it comes to choosing between energy that harms the planet and energy that doesn’t, is it really a choice? We don’t think so.
So when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to do something about it, and Radian Energy was born.
dave aaskov and dr david ireland
The Daves
Our story begins with two Daves.
Dave Ireland and Dave Aaskov. Turns out, they had more in common than their names. The two Daves share a passion for reducing the financial and environmental impact of energy. Something they discovered while trying to help a school with their sky high power bill, (we all know that feeling right?). Not only was it expensive, finding a renewable option that was affordable and do-able seemed impossible. The big power companies were too busy to help and too slow to change.

Tired of waiting and searching for better, like all good Aussie’s they decided a little DIY was needed. It gave them a big idea. What if we did this for everyone?
Our Values
Power with purpose
Power to the people
We believe power should be shared amongst the many, not controlled by the few.
It’s why we help Aussie’s take their power back by providing better choices when it comes to their energy supply. We make it easy for everyone to free themselves from outdated energy supplies and start enjoying power that’s cheaper, more reliable, greener, and better for the future.
Energy to make a difference
We believe that together we can create a brighter tomorrow.
We all have the power to change. And together we can change the world. By helping people make simple switches that are better for society and the planet, we make it easy for everyone to achieve things they didn’t know they could.
Lead the charge
We believe in using our energy to power positive change.
We don’t just accept things for how they are or wait for them to change. We take action. We continually look for better ways. And when we find them, we lead the way forward and light the way to make it easy for others to follow our path.
Join us and use your power for good