Green you can trust
Radian Energy is Australia's only independent energy company participating in the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative, the Australian Government's Climate Active program, and providing exclusively 100% GreenPower and net-zero energy.

We know that other retailers and businesses loosely use the terms 'green' or 'sustainable'. All this does is undermine the efforts that many are making to help Australia make the transition to renewables. It’s important that you question and check when companies make these claims. We do more than talk the talk. We have been certified by the largest, most respected and most thorough green and sustainability programs out there.

So when you join Radian, you can be confident that you are getting what it says on the sticker; Energy that doesn’t cost the earth.

Radian is 100% GreenPower Accredited. The GreenPower label makes it easy to recognise and purchase renewable electricity that meets stringent environmental standards. When you select our 100% GreenPower plan for your home or business your purchase supports Australian renewables, reduces your emissions and contributes to a healthy future. It will help drive demand for green energy, and develop the renewable energy sector, helping it to create jobs as fossil fuel based generation is phased out.
Climate Active
We are proud to be part of the Climate Active Network, Australia's initiative for climate action. Radian Energy is a Climate Active Business and all of our energy plans are Climate Active Products. Climate Active unites people, businesses and Government to amplify positive impact.

The certification helps the community take action by making it easier to identify and choose brands that are making a real difference. It’s about making good decisions today, for a bright and more sustainable tomorrow.
Climate Neutral Now
The Climate Neutral Now Initiative was launched by the United Nations in 2015 to increase climate action by engaging governments, companies, organisations and individuals. The Climate Neutral Now Initiative encourages and supports organisations and other interested stakeholders to act now in order to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050 as set out in the Paris Agreement.

Radian are fully committed to increasing climate action and The Climate Neutral Now initiative. We have signed the pledge to report our actions and achievements each year.