How can we help?

Power out
My power is out, who do I call?

Different companies distribute power to various locations across Australia. They are your first contact for reporting a power outage in your area. You can find your distributor on the Australian Energy Regulator website.

In case of an emergency

If you rely on a life support machine, refer to your Life Support Program to get started on your plan. If in doubt, call 000 now.

Moving House
Moving house?

Let us know your 'move-in' date when you join Radian and we'll do the rest, making sure your lights are on.

Energy Speak
Energy speak, made easy

Energy should be easy to understand and accessible to everyone. At Radian we recognise that this is not always the case, so we created an energy dictionary, in plain English.


Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have over at our contact page.